The Best Printing Apps

3D printing apps give everyone the chance to create their own unique products and designs by making and printing unique 3D models. This process of making solid three-dimensional objects is done by additive processes. Taking data from a digital file, 3D printing machines are able to produce 3D objects out of many different mediums. With a plethora of apps popping up on the market 3D printing is now more accessible to the masses. These are some of the best 3D printing apps.

GCodePrintr GCodePrintr - The 3D Print App - screenshot thumbnail For the more advanced 3D model builder GcodePrintr is the real deal. Using any Android device, users can control their 3D printer and print amazing solid models. Builders only need to load a gcode file then use the control interface for customization. GcodePrintr also comes with the ability to view print simulations and modify the speed of the printer. It works alongside a list of 3D printers including MakerBot, Ultimaker, Reprap, Solidoodle and PrintrBot.

3D Builder 3D Builder is a Windows app for viewing, preparing and printing 3D models. It recently added editing and customizing to its features. This fun and easy to use app helps turn digital downloads into physical 3D objects. Users can create their own models or browse through a comprehensive library of 3D art. 3D Builder adds embossing to names and symbols, intricate mold designs and the ability to repair damaged prints.

MakerBot has a wide range of free 3D printing apps. PrintShop is one such free app and is the easiest way to create and print all kinds of interesting and unique 3D models. Users can select the Type, Ring or Bracelet Maker for a quick and intuitive personalized model. The PrintShop also connects designers with the Thingiverse community where their models can be shared, stored and reprinted. MakerBot Mobile features 3D printing on the go and allows users to monitor their 3D printers from anywhere in the world. By accessing Makerbot users can prepare files, pause or cancel prints and receive notifications from their MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer.  MakerBot also manufactures and sells 3D printers.  Here are the latest at MakerBot 3D Printers at

Tinkercad is a free app geared towards beginners. The program gives users the tools to turn their ideas into CAD models for 3D printing. Designers are able to edit the apps features to best suit their needs, import 3D print ready files, create projects and export in various formats including OBJ and STL. This easy-to-use app also guides users through the basics of 3D design using the ‘Lessons’ feature. Once Tinkercad has been mastered, users now possess the tools to move on to more complex modeling techniques.  You can also purchase books on Amazon for the Tinkercad program.

Sculpteo Sculpteo is a collaborative 3D design maker and a portal to a talented 3D modelling community. Users are able to browse through featured designs, discover other artists and print 3D objects. With a vast catalog of 3D designs and some of the world’s best designers behind them, Sculpteo raises the bar for 3D printing apps everywhere. Browsing Sculpteo’s design collection reveals beautiful 3D creations that can be bought and printed by anyone who uses the app. If the collection doesn’t quite have it all, users can make their own 3D objects using Sculpteo’s 3D printing features.  User can also buy, print or share their creations via Twitter and Facebook. This app is free and available on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, IOS 5.0 or later.  Sculpteo storefront was recently launched on

Meshmixer Meshmixer is a tool for 3D mashups and remixes and gives users the ability to mix, paint, mash, sculpt and stamp 3D designs. There is also the option of choosing from a design gallery of over 10,000 ready to use models. Now with direct 3D printing support thanks to the addition of the Autodesk 3D Print Utility and a variety of sculpting and editing tools, Meshmixer is perfectly optimized for dealing with print ready files. A list of other features include: repair tools, design analysis, materials support and multiple file export.

Modio3D 3D printing apps like Modio3D speak to the growing need for fun and simple user friendly functionality as more as more people are introduced to character and creature design. With Modio anyone can make a fun and unique model using built-in parts and a wide variety of textures. The trick is its drag and drop feature. Users can simply drag parts and snap them together making fully pose-able and fully customizable designs. Modio also boasts a 3D printing visualization interface to ensure the proper size and layout of each part aligns with the printing plate. Each intricate character design powered by this app shows the passion that went into making it a fun success. Mondo is free for a limited time at the iOS app store.

Blockify 2014-02-17 10.47.45 Blockify is a free app that lets builders create using base models, free-form molding or through guided building modes. This app also features one-click wireless printing. Builders can send their designs directly to a 3D printer. Those without a 3D printer only need to order the model through the app and a 3D replica will be sent in the mail. Blockify’s guided building mode brings an additional element not commonly seen in 3D printing apps. Using blok’s blueprints and tutorial features, users can complete complex 3D models, win diamonds and save towards endless customization. A fun social media function allows builders to share their ideas with friends and fellow creators.

Doodle3D Doodle3D is a very unique application that makes it fun and easy to print 3D models of drawing and doodles. The Doodle3D application accompanies the Wifi-Box which is connected to a 3D printer and linked wirelessly to a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Parents and young children use the simple sketching tool to doodle or draw a fun 2D image. The app then translates it into a truly one of a kind 3D model. Users can also use a few editing tools to fine tune their models.

Amazon’s 3D Printing Store

Amazon has recently jumped into the 3D print arena and have created an entire store within Amazon dedicated to 3D printing and printed products.


From doodle making to complex jewelry designs to creature design to toy making, 3D printing has come a long way. Whether you are an experienced designer or beginner to 3D modeling any one of these 3D printing apps will help satisfy your design needs.